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This beautiful Swiss village has a range of bars and restaurants for a morning coffee and croissant or a relaxing meal with a glass of local wine. If you feel like stretching your legs you can stroll around the lake or take one of the dozens of local walks that are varied enough to suit all levels of ability. Champex Lac is a wonderful place for families who can hire boats, use the lake side play park, swim, play tennis, cycle and in the winter skate on the lake, downhill ski or ski de fond. Read about the history of Champex and stories from people who have visited, or why not submit one of your own

Champex Lac in the Summer During the summer the lake is the focal point of the village. Boats are available to hire and there is fishing too. Or you may simply want to sit in a local bar or café beside the lake and soak up some mountain sunshine. Other summer activities include tennis, swimming, cycling and of course walking. Champex is ideally situated on the Tour de Mont Blanc walk and during the summer donkeys can be seen ambling through the village laden with equipment used by the walking party accompanying it. Related Links: Walking in and around Champex Lac  and  Summer activities in Champex Lac

Winter in Champex Lac From the outset of winter the lake freezes, the snow falls and Champex becomes a very different and magical place. It is one of the smaller ski stations in Switzerland and has access to 15km of downhill piste. With skiing above 2000 metres, the snow cover is generally reliable. Ski de fond is very popular with the course running right across the frozen lake. There is also a racquet course, a small ice rink and ice climbing on the 25 metre pyramid of ice. Related Links: Winter activities in Champex Lac

Local Attractions Local attractions include a beautiful Alpine Gardens with more than 2000 species and a very well preserved World War II artillery fort buried in the hill side. Just a few minutes down the road is the Les Gorges du Durnand which gives unrivalled access via walkways to the torrents of water pouring down from the mountains above. Related Links: The Alpine Garden  The Artillery Fort  Les Gorges du Durnand

The Valais Region of Switzerland Switzerland is divided into 26 Cantons. Champex Lac lies in largest of these, the Canton of Valais. Switzerland used to only be invaded by tourists in summer. Then in 1864 a local hotel owner in St Moritz, Johannes Badrutt, decided to offer for English guests' free accommodation in summer if they promised to return in winter again. The English guests are reported as being skeptical but they agreed to the terms as they couldn't pass up the opportunity for a free holiday. Obliviously they returned in winter and enjoy themselves so much that when they returned to England the word spread as now the busiest time in Switzerland is the winter. Due to this the Valais area has been able to survive as it mainly covers Alpine terrain and therefore has many great ski resorts and ancient seldom visited towns. Valais is one of the two chief sources of wine in Switzerland, this provided income to the area before skiing become popular.

Further Information The Champex.info website contains details of things to do in the village, in the surrounding area, places to stay and eat and how to get about using your car or public transport. Have a browse around the site and if there is anything we've missed or can help with please let us know via our feedback form. 

​Lying in the French speaking Canton of Valais Champex-Lac is ideally located for easy access to both the French and Italian alps. The canton of Valais produces some of the best wine in Switzerland and is renown for its cuisine.

Champex-Lac is a traditional mountain village sitting at a height of 1500 mts nestling in the shadow of the mountain of "La Breya". However it is only a 20 minute drive to the historic town of Martigny that contains the ruins of a roman amphitheatre, the world famous Pierre Gianadda Foundation as well as street cafes and restaurants.

An idyllic and tranquil retreat high up in the Swiss mountains, Champex Lac offers a picturesque village surrounded by woods. It is an ideal location to wind down from the pressures of the modern world.