Walks near to Champex Lac

These walks are close to Champex Lac but a journey is required to the start point.

Vicheres to Vouasse and Return
Time: 4+ hours depending on route chosen

This is a fairly easy walk with a gently incline up through an alpine valley. The walk back is over the same route and is an easy downhill stroll although the ground can be uneven and rocky underfoot. The views are spectacular but limited as the valley walls rise up on either side. The best views are to the North. At La Tsissette there is a mountain cafe and dortoir that serves hot and cold drinks and traditional mountain fare. This walk is in an protected environmental area which guarantees little intrusion from the modern world.

Champex to Col de la Forclaz via Alp Bovine (high point 2060m)
The public transport to/from Col de la Forclaz is a bit difficult, due to the need to change at Croix or Martigny. Hence, it is good to check the options with the Tourist Office or arrange a car to/from La Forclaz (alternative is to return from Bovine). The route is the less difficult option of this part of the Tour of Mont Blanc route and is also in the Walking in the Valais book (108). From Champex take the route through Champex d’en Bas and turn left towards Plan de L’Au (café) and take path round Bovine (café) and descend to Col de la Forclaz. The route up to the Bovine area can be a bit wet, even when there is no rain and rocky/steep. Views from the top are good. 16km and 750m up and 690m down

Col de La Forclaz to Ravoire, Le Feylet via Mont de L’Arpille (high point 2085m)
Take car to La Croix village (before Martigny) and take bus (on road from Martigny) to Col de la Forclaz and on return take bus back from Le Feylet (bus times need to be checked with Tourist office, since low frequency). From Col de la Forclaz (café), take path 50m northeast of hotel to north up to Mont de L’Arpille (marvellous views including Mont Blanc) and then continue to Ravoire, Le Feylet (café). It is best to have a map and compass, as the signs are not good. On descent, follow routes to La Ravoire and to Chez Les Prox (Proz on sign). 7km and 580m up and 940m down. You can walk back to La Croix but it is another 680m down.

Trient Glacier
Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour very easy walk

To do this you need to take the car to Martigny and follow the road to Chamonix. As the road climbs upwards don’t miss the spectacular views right down the Rhone Valley. Park the car at the Col de la Forclaz and follow the signposted path which runs alongside the Bisse du Trient. This is a wooded hillside with great views. Soon you come to the Chalet du Glacier, a small mountain café where you can get a light lunch or a coffee (only open in the summer months). From here you can sit and admire the beauty and grandeur of the glacier. For the more adventurous you can then clamber upwards over the rocks so you can take in a closer view of this magnificent glacier


Walk from Vichere
Time : 3 hours

A lovely day out is the walk up to the very high hill that overlooks Champex and Orsieres. You can get right to the top and look back for some spectacular vistas. You need to start the day by car. Take the road from Orsieres towards the Grand St Bernard Tunnel. When you reach Liddes take the right hand turn and wend your way along the windy road to Vichere. You can park at the ski station, however we have noted that locals often drive up the service road to gain elevation before starting the walk.


Head up the road towards Bavon. It is a gentle walk and the views of the mountains all around are just amazing. Keep heading up and finally you will ascend into a wonderful flat grassy meadow. Frome here the vistas are absolutely amazing. You can take in views of four mountain ranges. Make sure you bring along a picnic as it is a great place to linger. If you have time head along the top in the direction of La Fouly for further spectacular vistas. The road down is gentle and meandering. A perfect end to a most enjoyable day

Tip: allow a whole day to enjoy this at its best