Terms & Conditions for Website Usage



Terms and Conditions for Website Usage
In these terms of use "we/us/our" means the owners of Champex.info. "The
 Websites" means all the websites owned and/or operated by us, including
 without limitation the websites listed in Schedule A as may be amended
from time to time. Use of the Websites is subject to the following Terms
 of Use.

On using the Websites on this and subsequent occasions you will be
deemed to have accepted these Terms of Use. We may change these Terms of
 Use at any time by posting changes online. Please review these Terms of
 Use regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

Certain areas of the Websites may be restricted and you will only be
able to access these through registering your details with us ("the
Registered Areas"). You may be provided with login account details for
these Registered Areas which may include, without limitation, forums and advertising areas, and you shall be responsible for any use of your
user profile on the Registered Areas. All personal data which we collect
 through the Websites will be treated in accordance with our Privacy

1. Disclaimer
The content of the Websites is intended for general information only and
 is not be relied upon as advice on which to base any decision. If you
have concerns about the accuracy of any content displayed on the
Websites please let us know.

The Website may contain hypertext links to websites operated by third
parties. We do not have control of such websites and you acknowledge
that we have no responsibility or liability for their content. You may
be asked to supply information to such third parties and you should
check the terms and conditions of such third party site. We accept no
liability for any transaction you enter into with such third party
through the Websites, and, if you have concerns about the effects of any
 such transaction you should seek professional legal advice. We
recommend that you always obtain proper dated receipts with addresses,
proof of identification and serial numbers where applicable.

2. Your Responsibilities
You agree not to copy, reproduce, transmit, extract, adapt or distribute
 materials from the Websites, except for your own personal
non-commercial use. All intellectual property rights in any material
displayed by us on the Websites are expressly reserved to us.

3. Liability
3.1 Although every care is taken in the preparation of the Websites, you
 hereby acknowledge that it is not technically possible to run the
Websites free of all faults, and we give no warranties as to the
continuous operation of the Websites and accept no liability for any
time the Websites are not operational due to faults or maintenance. We
give no warranty that any downloads will be free of viruses.

3.2 We shall not be liable in contract, in tort or otherwise for any
loss of profits, business, revenue, opportunity, goodwill or anticipated
 savings nor for any indirect, consequential or economic loss whatsoever
 arising in connection with your use of the Websites.

3.3 All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or
common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law excluded, save
that nothing in these Terms of Use excludes or limits liability for our
fraud or death or personal injury caused by our negligence. Without
limitation to the foregoing we give no warranties or representations as
to the completeness or accuracy of the information on the Websites, the
ownership, quality, authenticity, compliance with description or fitness
 for purpose of any goods or services advertised, or the completeness of
 the results of any search of the Websites.

3.4 If notwithstanding the provisions of these Terms of Use purporting
to exclude or limit our liability we are found liable to you then our
total liability to you in contract, tort or otherwise in arising in
connection with these conditions shall be limited to the return of such
fees paid or payable by you to us for the use of the Websites in
connection with which such liability arises.

3.5 The material on the Websites is designed to comply with English law
and we cannot be held responsible for any non-compliance with applicable
 local laws in any other jurisdiction.

4. Contributions to the websites
4.1 If you submit any contribution to the Websites (including any text,
photographs, graphics, video or audio) you agree to grant us a
perpetual, unconditional, royalty-free, non-exclusive, transferable,
sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, edit, translate, amend, adapt
and distribute your contribution on the Websites or otherwise. We
reserve the right not to post any contribution, and may monitor and/or
remove your contributions at any time without notice to you.

4.2 You warrant that your contribution is your own original work and/or
that you have the right to make it available to us and that your
contribution does not infringe any third party privacy, intellectual
property, contractual or other proprietary right. You shall indemnify us
 if we incur any liability arising out of or in breach of this warranty.
 You waive any moral rights in your contribution.

4.3 You agree not to use the Websites to engage in any activity which is
 unlawful (including but not limited to defamation, invasion of privacy,
 harassment, obscenity, the transmission of child pornography or
blasphemous or racist material). In particular (but without limitation)
you shall not post any contribution which is in breach of these terms of
 use. You must not submit the same or similar contribution many times,
or submit off-topic material in subject-specific areas. You must not use
 the Websites to create or send any viruses, worms, Trojan horses or
other files which disrupt the use of the Website or of any connected
network software or hardware.

4.4 We may terminate your access to the Registered Areas with immediate
effect if in our sole opinion you are in breach of any of these Terms of
 Use, and you shall indemnify us against all losses, damages and other
expenses that may be incurred by us as a result of such breach.

5. Advertisements
5.1 All advertisements must comply with the British Code of Advertising
Practice in force from time to time and all other relevant advertising
(or other) legislation.

5.2 You confirm that you have all relevant consents, licences and
approvals to publish the advertisement and that such publication shall
not breach of any third party intellectual property or other rights, and
 you shall indemnify us in respect of all actions, proceedings, costs
and claims arising from any breach of this condition.

5.3 If we provide artwork and design facilities to you in order to
produce copy for advertisements then we will retain all intellectual
property rights arising in the resulting designs and layouts unless
otherwise agreed between you and us in writing. If we supply the artwork
 for your advertisement you shall only use it for the purposes of that
advertisement unless otherwise agreed with us in writing.

5.4 You confirm that you have the right to sell the goods and/or offer
the services set out in the advertisement and that they comply with any
applicable law or regulation.

5.5 By submitting an advertisement to us, you assign all copyright in
the advertisement to us and agree to waive all moral rights in relation
to the advertisement. We may amend or edit any advertisement without
notice to you and/or to remove the advertisement from the Websites if in
 our sole opinion it is in breach of these Terms of Use.

5.6 It is your responsibility to check that your advertisement is
correct and to notify us of any errors. We accept no liability for any
advertisements not received by us or received in a corrupted form; for
advertisements on the Websites becoming out-of-date, containing
typographical errors, or otherwise being factually inaccurate or omitted
 from publication by us, or for loss or damage to your artwork or photos
 We shall not be liable to you in contract, in tort or otherwise for any
 loss of profits, business, revenue, opportunity, goodwill or
anticipated savings nor for any indirect, consequential or economic loss
 whatsoever arising in connection with your advertising on the Websites.

5.7 It is your responsibility to check that your advertisement is
correct and any errors found shall be notified to us within one week of
publication. No repeat advertisement, refund or adjustment will be made
where in our opinion the error, misprint or omission does not materially
 detract from the advertisement. Refunds may occasionally be offered at
the discretion of the management.

5.8 All copy supplied electronically must be in the formats specified in
 our guidelines for the transfer of electronic copy, (details of which
are available on request).

5.9 If notwithstanding the provisions of these Terms of Use purporting
to exclude or limit our liability we are found liable to you then our
total liability to you in contract, tort or otherwise shall be limited
to the total of such fees paid or payable by you to us for the
advertisement in connection with which such liability arises.

5.10 You agree that you are responsible for all complaints, legal
actions or threatened legal actions relating to an advertisement and
agree to keep us indemnified from all costs, damages and other losses
howsoever arising from the publication of any advertisement on the
Websites (excluding those losses arising exclusively from editorial
changes made by us on your advertisement.

5.11 You agree to further indemnify us against any losses we suffer as a
 result of your sending us material containing viruses or other files
which cause damage or corruption to the Websites.

5.12 The advertisement rates are subject to revision by us without
notice to you at any time. We reserve the right to make additional
charges where extra production work in colour copy is involved.

5.13 Whilst every endeavour will be made to forward replies sent to box
numbers, our staff will not supply addresses or other details of holders
 of box numbers, and we accept no liability in respect of any loss or
damage alleged to arise from any delay or non-delivery caused.

5.14 Payment for advertisements must be made in advance, except where
credit facilities have been granted in writing by us. Where credit
facilities are offered the payment terms are subject to the rules
currently in force (details of which are available on request). The
existence of a query on any individual item in an account shall not
affect the due date for payment of the balance of the account.

5.15 Advertisements, once accepted, cannot be cancelled, save that, in
the case of a series booking, the advertisement may be cancelled after
the first insertion, but no refund will be given for any remaining week
or weeks.

6. Competitions

6.1 Competitions are open to all UK residents over the age of 18 other
than our current employees or their immediate families. We will only
accept one entry per person for each competition..

6.2 If you win a competition, you shall, if we ask you to do so, provide
 us with a photograph of yourself and agree to be interviewed for our
own publicity purposes.

6.3 Winners will be chosen within 30 days of the closing date and all
entrants will be notified of the outcome of the competition within
60days. The judges' decision will be final.

6.4 All prizes are subject to availability and, should any prize be
unavailable, a prize of similar price or specification will be
substituted. No cash alternative will be offered.

7. General
7.1 These conditions shall be interpreted, construed and enforced in all
 respects in accordance with English law and you and we each irrevocably
 agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in
respect of any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with
these conditions.

7.2 If any provision of these conditions is unlawful, void or
unenforceable then that provision shall be deemed deleted and its
deletion shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the
remaining provisions.

7.3 No failure by us to exercise any of our rights under these
conditions shall operate as a waiver of our rights.

7.4 The contract formed on these conditions between you and us is for
the sole benefit of you and us and is not intended to confer any benefit
 upon any third party whether under the Contract (Rights of Third
Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise and no third party shall have any right
to enforce it.

7.5 Your rights under these conditions are personal to you and us and
you shall not assign or transfer them. We shall be able to assign or
transfer our rights under these conditions at will.

The Websites
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