Guidelines for Feedback & Recommendations

On you can use our feedback and guestbook systems to recommend restaurants, hotels and guest houses that are listed on this site and have provided you with good service, value for money or just an enjoyable experience. All we ask is that the information you provide is accurate, original and based on your own experience.

Please note the following:

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        • An e-mail address is requested so that we contact you if there is any problem with your entry. We won't display it online or use it for any other purpose.

        Style Guidelines
        Your review should be at least a sentence and ideally 50 - 100 words maximum. Write what you would tell a friend about the restaurant, the hotel, etc.

        For example what in particular did you like about a restaurant? Was the food or its preparation special? Don't worry about using the exact foodie terms, just talk about what made a dish or dishes noteworthy. If the service was good, what, specifically, was memorable about it? What was the atmosphere like?

        What in particular did you like or dislike about a hotel or guest house? Was the room clean and stylishly furnished, was the service good?

        After you've written your entry, think up a few words that sum up your experience or your feelings and place them in the header or subject line.

        Things to Avoid


        • Profanity - entries with profanities in them will be deleted.
          • Use only standard text do not include HTML tags, links, pictures, java script or other similar code.
            • Avoid using only upper-case letters

            For Your Information

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