Information about the Mountain Huts [High Altitude Accomodation for Trekking & Walking]​

Swiss Huts - General Information

Duvets or blankets - Duvets are often now being supplied in the mountain huts rather than blankets. Check before visiting. If a duvet is supplied you will require a sheet bag for your stay . If you don’t have one yourself, then check with the hut if they will rent one to you or you can buy one there.

Cancelled bookings - It should be noted that if a hut booking is not honoured or is cancelled with little notice there is an obligation to pay a levy of 20 Sfr. Quite how this will be implemented in practice is not made very clear

Useful websites - Basic hut information can be found at and This website not only provides information about Swiss huts, both private and SAC/CAS, but also about some French and Italian huts close to the Swiss border.

Another good website, probably more detailed than the other websites is This site includes information about transport services that can be used to reach the hut approach and about local tourism. It also includes huts not mentioned in either of the other two websites.


+ 41 (0)27 783 14 38

Trient Hut Website

Trient Hut

Contact details and websites of the nearest mountain huts

+ 41 (0)27 783 18 87

Orny Hut Website

Orny Hut

+ 41 (0)27 783 17 00

Saleinez Hut Website

Saleinez Hut

+ 41 (0)27 783 24 24

Neuve Hut Website

Neuve Hut

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