Eating out in Champex & the regional gastronomy

The Swiss, including the residents of

Champex Lac, are proud of their local cuisine and most restaurant menus consist of locally

produced traditional fare.

As a mountain village the food tends to be

hearty and wholesome rather than fancy. But you can always guarantee that the quality of the

food is good and after a hard day walking or

skiing you'll really appreciate it.



A tasty dish made with a base of fried grated potatoes, usually with cheese and a choice of other meats and vegetables

{See Recipe}

Cheese Fondue

Melted cheese containing kirsch and white wine with a choice of additives such as mushrooms.  Eaten by dipping in bread on skewers. {See Recipe}

Meat Fondue

​Chunks of raw meat are cooked at the table in a bowl of hot oil.  Usually accompanied by fries and a salad


Thin slices of beef are cooked at the table over hot coals.  Fries and a salad are served on the side


Often called ‘La Raclette au feu de bois' A block of Swiss raclette cheese is melted either at the table or by an open wood burning fire and then scraped onto the plate and eaten with pickles and jacket potatoes

Assiette Valaisanne 

A platter of local dried cured meats served with local cheese, pickles and fresh crusty bread. A culinary tradition.

Fish from the river or the lake

Perch with almonds or fresh trout from the lake and cooked to order


A vast variety of artisan cows, sheep and goats cheese are produced locally. From the famous Raclette (AOC) to Tomme a semi hard cheese, made usually from unpasteurised milk.  Enjoy on a cheese board or also a wonderful accompaniment to a ‘brisolée’ (chestnuts and cheese dish).

Other dishes such as steaks, pizza and pasta are also widely available.

For dessert Swiss Movenpick ice cream is widely available alongside local blueberry tarte (myrtilles), apricot or apple tart and other home made desserts


 Wild blueberries can be found growing in abundance in and around the forest of Champex.  Harvesting season is July into August. Only pick wild berries if you are sure that they are edible!


Mountain Honey

With diverse alpine flora the region is very attractive to bees and the locaaly produced honey is deliciously sweet and scented.




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