Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I find the bus and train time tables?
The Swiss operate an extremely efficient transport system. All buses and trains are spotlessly clean and a delight to travel on. Click on the link for all the latest timetables

Swiss SBB Transport Website


Where can I park in Champex?
The best place to park your car is at the Ski lift. Here you will find a large car park and parking is free.

Can I leave my car for several days whilst I go walking?
Yes you can

Where is the nearest garage for fuel?
There is no service station in the village.
The nearest garage would be either in Orsières or on the road towards Martigny.



Money & Shopping

Where can I find a cash machine?
The nearest cash machine is outside the Proxi supermarket in Champex.

I wish to do some shopping. Where is my nearest supermarket?
Champex has its own Proxi supermarket in the centre of the village. It is open every day during the high season and at weekends during low season but do check the times by the door. You can also find supermarkets at Orsières (a Pam), Sembrancher (a Coop) and Martigny has a range of larger stores. You can find all the information you need on our shopping page at Shopping



What type of accommodation is there in Champex?
In Champex you can find apartments, hotel rooms, rental accommodation and dortoirs. Please check the accommodation area on



The Lake

Can you take your own boats on the lake?
There are rules about the size and type of boat you can use. Check with the Tourist office before you venture out.

Can you swim in the lake?
Yes, but it is fed from the mountain streams and can be very cold, ideal when it is very warm.

What are the rules about fishing?
There is a website that can help you here at the
Fishing in Valais



I would like to do some walks around Champex. What is possible?
There are some lovely walks around Champex, all very varied in terms of views and difficulties. Click on the link 
Walking at Champex to find out more.

I would like to walk to the Cabane d’Orny. Do you have any information about this?

Champex is a good place to begin this expedition because if you wish to gain elevation quickly you can make use of the ski lift to take you up to La Breya. It is then around a 2.5 hour walk from there. For more information visit the Cabane d’Orny website at
Cabane d'Orny Website
There is further information click on the link Mountain Hut  to see our Mountain Huts page.