Driving to Champex Lac (Sat Nav: 1938 Champex,Orsières,Valais, Switzerland)

Wherever your starting point your can plot your own route using on line route planners such as ViaMichlin or Google maps. The route(s) suggested below take you from the ferry port or Tunnel at Calais entering Switzerland around Lake Geneva (Lac Leman). From there to Martigny either north or south of the lake. The final leg of 20 - 30 minutes shows the route up to Champex Lac via one of two mountain roads (see below).


Dover/Calais to Lake Geneva

From Calais the roads through France are easy (if rather flat and boring) and relatively traffic free providing you stick to the toll roads (peage). Go along the A26 to Reims, then the A4, A26 to Troyes and finally the A5, A31 to Dijon. Here you can either head south to Geneva or turn east to Besancon the over the Jura mountains to Lausanne via Pontarlier. The route over the Jura mountains is shorter and usually quicker (and certainly prettier) but you may prefer the Geneva route if you’re unfamiliar with road network as it is all motorway, or if the Jura mountain route may be blocked by snow or traffic. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

Lake Geneva to Martigny

If you go via Geneva you have a choice of heading east along the north shore of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) along the A1 towards Lausanne or following the signs to Chamonix which takes your south of the lake and then east. This latter route is worth driving at least once for the views of Mont Blanc, but make sure you pick a clear day. At Chamonix follow the signs for Martigny (Suisse). Again, there are stunning views down the valley towards Sion as you descend into Matigny. The Jura mountain route meets the northern route around Lake Geneva at Laussane. Stay on the autoroute and follow the signs to “Grand-St-Bernard”. You’ll pass above Montreux and then finally to Martigny. Take the second exit off the autoroute signposted “Martgny Expo” and continue to follow the signpost for Grand St Bernard. You will pass through a tunnel emerging at a round about by the Hotel Octodure. This is the point where the route from Chamonix converges. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

Martigny to Champex-Lac

Take the road towards Italy, this is marked in white paint on the carriageway. At this point you have two choices:​

This is a wider road and is always kept clear in the winter. It is around 20 minutes detour when approaching from the Martigny side. This is also the route the bus takes from Orsieres and it can be a bit of a fright to meet the bus coming the other way if you’re not expecting it! Continue past Les Valettes, (do not turn off past the giant wasp), drive through Sembrancher following the signs to Orsieres. When you arrive at Orsieres, cross the railway line, passing the bus/railway staion on your left, drive through the town until you see the sign to Champex on the right. Champex is 8Km up this road, this takes around 15 .​

This is steeper, narrower and has more hairpin bends but it is around 20 minutes quicker than the alternative. The road is sometimes closed in the winter. After a couple of miles you will see on your right a giant figure of a wasp (I'm not making this up!) besides the sign for the village of Les Valettes and a sign for Champex-Lac. Turn right here drive through the village and take the road on the right up the mountain. Champex is another 12Km up this road. This takes around 20minutes.

1. The Quicker Route

2. The Slower Route

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