Travelling to Champex by bus & train

 All bus and train services to Champex-Lac go via Orsière, which is the administrative centre for the commune.​

Information Links For Trains and Buses Fantastic web site that can be displayed in English. Ideal for planning an end to end route but not so good at giving you a timetable you can carry around.

Or to print PDF documents detailing the timetables of local bus and train services visit the TMR SA Website.

The Swiss train service is a joy to use. Trains are usually punctual, clean and uncrowded. End to end route planning can be done on line (see below).

Trains run direct from Geneva to Martigny about once an hour and take under two hours. The connection from Martigny to Orsières via Sembrancher takes 25 minutes and is timed to connect with the Geneva train (what else!!) with usually only a few minutes wait.

From Orsières you have no option but to take the 25 minute bus ride up to Champex-Lac.

The bus service from Orsières to Champex-Lac is fairly limited with only 9 or 10 connections a day. Currently, the first bus from Champex is at 06:50am, the last bus leaves Orsières for Champex at 6:05pm. For full details of the bus services visit the websites using the links below.